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Sow. Grow. Reap. Repeat!


To Inspire Humanity  To Sow[good]Deeds and Plant[good]Seeds to respectfully serve our Senior community healthy food options. 

 Our Mission

Caring for Seniors

Givnig Back to Our Communitites

There are about 47 million seniors in our communities today residing in; nursing homes, senior citizen home or in their own homes without the care of a caregiver or little care from family or friends.

Aging and growing old is inevitable; it is a fact of life and affects every family. We see seniors abandoned because the younger generation is pursuing their own stuff and familial upkeep too. It is extremely hard to handle family issues concerning the elderly, but it is imperative that we ensure they don't miss out on the special things in life.

Benefits of Visiting

Strive to make people happy

You gain knowledge from the elderly. There is no better wisdom than sitting and chatting with the elderly; listening to their stories is perfect a way to get a different perspective on life

You improve the life of the senior. Loneliness is a disease on its own, and most seniors age faster in nursing homes due to no company. Visiting the seniors takes the boredom out of their lives and gives them something to live for. A conversation is all it takes to change the life of another.

It helps families to know that someone cares enough to visit their loved is a relief and comforting news to them when distance can make it difficult to visit.

An act of kindness towards the elderly in our society is a thing of joy, and a habit we should inculcate into our daily affairs.

SowGood Foundation is among the many NGOs in our communities that are changing how the elderly enjoy their time doing all the basic things of life by strangers in their neighborhood.

Do you want to help out with the elderly, join us today at to know how you can be of help to the senior citizens everywhere around you?


Our Programs

Cellphone Program


he concept of “sowing and reaping” is immensely better than karma.”  We share our time and are productive with the time we share. 


The sowing part is not just a duty that we perform, there is nourishment that accompanies doing good will. We're committed to maintain healthy relationships with with our family and friends. 

Notably, the joy in finishing good works isn’t  dependent on the harvest that may come laterEveryday is important and we will live in the moment rather than for what we think is next. 




Pillars of Sow[good]Foundation

About us

About us

The SowGood Foundation is a phenomenal nonprofit organization whose purpose is to provide genuine and worthwhile opportunities for anyone to intentionally undertake acts of kindness, as opposed to “random acts of kindness”. The sowing of good deeds today will enable a better future for everyone.


With a mandate to efficiently and effectively apply financial resources to tackle a diverse range of community and individual human needs, SowGood  mentors and delivers volunteers to help specifically with a friendly visit and call  seniors (to talk, read, play games, etc.), and to facilitate employment by training and retraining low income/unemployed individuals for a wide range of jobs in various sectors of the market

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a phenomenal 501(c)3