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They are Not Just Farmers

They Are Women


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3 Trends of Women in Agriculture

Farming is essential! People of every background, race, and gender are needed to take on this role to keep feeding the world. In recent years, more women have been showing up in agriculture than ever before. Here are a few top trends we are starting to see from women in agriculture.


1.The Number of Women in Agriculture is Skyrocketing

If you’re like most people, when you hear the word “farmer” you’re more likely to picture a man. While agriculture is often a family business, it’s still primarily a male-dominated field in many places. But right now, the number of women who consider “farming” to be their full-time job is higher than ever—and it’s growing at a rapid pace!


In 2012, women were the main operators on less than 14% of farms in America. Five years later, the number more than doubled to over 29% of American farms being operated by women. This is over 1.2 million women farming, helping to feed the world. From cattle to crops to urban gardening and beyond, women are behind more agricultural operations than ever!


2.Female Farmers Tend to Focus on Organic and Self-Sustaining Farming

Although in many ways female farmers are just like their male counterparts, there are also some ways women in ag are distinguishing themselves. Statistically, women choose organic and self-sustaining farms over more traditional agricultural operations. Society has been pushing for more organic food and sustainability, but this isn’t the only reason that female-operated farms tend to be like this.


A big reason for this difference is the size of the average woman’s farming operation. Farms owned by females tend to be built on smaller pieces of land, and women often have less access to capital, labor, and equipment. They have fewer resources to focus on a smaller amount of land, and this often results in organic or self-sustaining farming.


3.Female Farmers Stick Together

Although some competition is inevitable, there’s a strong sense of community among women in agriculture. There are many national and local conferences dedicated to women in ag. These are great opportunities for women in agriculture to network and exchange information. When women in agriculture stick together, they can learn from one another and everyone can become more successful.


As mentioned before, women farmers tend to have less help when starting an agricultural venture, including limited startup capital and equipment. Because of this, there is an even greater likelihood that their farms will fail. But having the assistance of more experienced women farmers can improve the success rate greatly.


Be Like Female Farmers—Help Feed Others!

Female farmers and other women in ag are feeding the world. With SowGoodFoundation, you can help feed the world too—no experience in agriculture needed! Senior citizens need more help than ever in the midst of a global pandemic. You can sign up to help them get their groceries. This is just one of the many ways we are sowing good in Tampa, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia.


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