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Our goal is to serve senior citizens who have been abandoned or receive only minimal attention in nursing homes from families and generally provide active support for seniors who are lonely, isolated and neglected. Our commitment is to serve as a volunteer family to them. We plan to utilize and adapt several programs including regular visitations and group activities. 


The main goal is to alleviate isolation and loneliness among senior citizens confined to nursing and private homes, and similar establishments.


We understand it will take time, however, we will create “friendship units” by assigning  2 adults to individual seniors. The closely formed units will result in groups of friends that will interact, visit, and get to know each other, engaging in consistent actions that will deliver lasting and meaningful relationships. The major components of the volunteer strategy include the following:


  • Regular weekly visitations

  • Celebrations of Life (Birthday)

  • Holiday celebrations, including Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and Hanukkah

  • Outing & Excursion days

  • Lifetime Memoirs

  • Computer Education for Seniors

  • Shopping and Mall Visits


Our initial plans include a conference call that would answer any questions you may have, and to follow with a personal meeting intended to establish a mutual comfort level with the proposed program. In the meantime, I invite you to visit our website at, to view how seniors in your facility that would benefit from our programs.


Our service is entirely free to members of your facility.  We are also open to any form of screening your facility will require from our volunteers.




Susan Douglas

President, SowGoodFoundation



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