Susan Douglas


Susan is the founder, chairwoman and CEO of SowGoodFoundaton, responsible for setting the overall direction and service strategy for the foundation. As a sower of good deeds, she currently serves as the President of the Atlanta Restaurant Association and directs the restaurant training program.  Currently operates a work study-program and training facility for young adults. Susan received a degree in business and restaurant management from Le Cordon Bleu, and an honorary Masters of Arts Degree in Counseling from LADC . As an ordained minister and Six Sigma Green Belt student, Susan resides in Atlanta with her family.

"life" is inevitable. it's like the sun setting, you know it's going to happen, you just have to adjust the position of your beach chair to enjoy it. 

Pash Neupane


A Certified Management Accountant Pashupati Neupane, earned MBA from U of North Dakota, Originally from Nepal and currently lives in Atlanta with his family. His interests are in IT, Finance, International Trade and Environmental Ethics. Currently, he is Chief Investment Officer at Sherpa Pathways, that focus on continuous optimization of the investment. Currently, he is Chief Investment Officer at Sherpa Pathways, that focuses on continuous optimization of investments 

 Pash has over 10 years of experience in, non-profits, government accounting, internal controls and

private sectors. Pash has demonstrated a solid experience in Peoplesoft Financial, SAP ERP, Banner, Concur, Excel, R, Database and BI


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

Board Meeting Calendar

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Our Mission

To Inspire humanity to sow [good] deeds.



Projected Meetings Dates

January  7  @ 7pm

Location: 900 Battery Ave

Atlanta, GA 30339


March 10  @ 7pm

Location: 900 Battery Ave

Atlanta, GA 30339


May 5  @ 7pm

Location: 900 Battery Ave

Atlanta, GA  30339


July 7  @ 7pm

Location: 900 Battery Ave

Atlanta, GA 30339


Board Member

Nicole has more than 10 years experience working as a seasoned barista and manager with Starbucks Coffee Company. Acquired a Masters Degree in business management. Currently, Nicole is the General Manager of Sow Good Cafe  in Atlanta, GA and oversees the business training program at the CDC. - Clifton Road campus.

Rashonda Clay-Douthit

Board Memeber

Rashonda Clay-Douthit is the Associate Director of Field Education in the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences at Case Western Reserve University.  She is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with over 20 years of experience working with individuals, couples, families and groups.  As a psychotherapist, Rashonda has worked with a wide range of concerns including relationship issues, parenting concerns, stress management, depression, anxiety and life transitions. 


Rashonda earned a B.S. in Psychology from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and a Master of Social Work (MSW) from the University of Maryland at Baltimore.  Rashonda enjoys gardening, reading, traveling and spending time with family in her spare time.

Tracey Edwards

Board Member

An Atlanta native, and business owner, Tracey earned  her Masters in Business and BS in Health Care Administration at Albany State University.  As the Director of Human Resources at Simons Engineering and H.C. Brill Co, Inc, for more than 14 years,   Tracey, unlike most found her passion and lives it everyday.  Her company offers seniors personal concierge and transportation. God,  family and friends are Tracey's favorite past times.

Natalie Alexander

Board Member


Tracey Harris

Board Member

Tracey Harris is the Editor-In-Chief of The Gospel Tribune Media Company A Multi-Media Company that speaks to spiritual growth, educational advancement, political empowerment, economic development, social justice and health and wellness. 

Tracey is  an entrepreneur, a worship leader/psalmist known for his vocals on numerous recorded projects. Tracey travels abroad spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Christos Giannes

Board Member

Owner and Operator of a local authentic Greek restaurant of more than 20 years.  Christos brings a passion for culinary education.

Camille Valladares

Board Member

Marked to graduate with an Associates Degree as a Paralegal at Gwinnett College, Camille plans to continue her education as a lawyer in the field of non-profit law and grant writing. 

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